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Africa Prosecutors Association

General Information

Conference Language :

The working language of the conference will be English.  Translation will be provided in French, Arabic and Portuguese. 
Entry Requirements :
The Passport and Immigration Office (Mauritian Authority) requires that all delegates be in possession of a valid passport or similar authentic travel document. For those who require a visa to enter Mauritius, please check the Passport and Immigration Office link on the website :

Insurance :
Participants are advised to secure their own insurance. The organizers and APA are not responsible for medical, personal or travel emergencies. Please ensure your policy will cover all cancellation charges in the event of such an emergency.

Climate :
It is Summer in Mauritius, and temperature varies between 25°c to 35°c.

Time :
Mauritius is ahead of GMT 4 hours same time.

Postal Services :
Postal services are readily available. The hotel as well as the secretariat will be able to assist. Wireless Internet facilities are available throughout the conference vicinity.


Currency Regulation :
Foreign exchange facilities are available through commercial Banks from Monday to Friday as follows :
from 9 am to 15h00 during weekdays. Traveler’s cheques and all major visa cards are acceptable in Mauritius. Money changing facilities are available in all towns, SSR International Airport and at the hotel counter.

Registration and Accreditation :
All delegates will be issued with identification badges and entrance to the conference venue will strictly be based on such identification. All delegates are advised to submit their registration forms by latest end of September 2018.  A registration fee of USD50 will have to be paid per participant upon registration at the Conference Venue.
Voltage :
Voltage is 240 volts, AC (50Hz). Delegates should check the voltage before using their electrical appliances.

Special needs / dietary requirements :
If you have any dietary or other requirements please indicate these in the registration form. Every attempt will be made to meet your requirements. Please note, however, that this may not be possible in every case.

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